Wednesday, October 13, 2021

ConnectCode releases barcode label software for Windows 11

ConnectCode, a world-leading barcode fonts and barcode software provider, today announced a new version of Barcode & Label, a modern and new generation barcode label software for Windows 11. The software is designed afresh for Windows 11 to print labels that adhere strictly to industry specifications on modern devices.

Designed for Windows 11

Barcode & Label Software offers first-class support on Windows 11 devices for all its barcode and labeling capabilities. It provides Touch, Mouse, and Pen (Microsoft Ink) interactions naturally, prints labels with data from Microsoft People’s app (Contacts API), and works well with Windows 11 Print capabilities. At the same time, it utilizes Windows 11 Desktop Extension SDK capabilities to print natively to Zebra Label Printers through Zebra Printer Language (ZPL). The app installs and auto-updates from Microsoft Store without any complex installer setups (typically seen in traditional archaic industrial applications). The app also executes strictly within app containers for maximum security.

Elegant Simplicity

Barcode & Label adopts modern user interface design principles and is designed to be easy to use and easy to learn. The software comes with over 900 label stock templates, a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) user interface, a proven barcode system, MICR (Magnetic Ink Recognition Characters) E13B, and MICR CMC7 I-IV capabilities. The complicated process of extracting data from various data sources such as Office 365, Excel, Comma Separated Values (CSV) files, Contacts database, Print Time Data Entry, and Serialized Running Counter, that is essential in any professional barcode label software, is achieved in an intuitive and elegantly simple manner. A new user can easily understand the software through e-tutorials provided and print high-quality barcode labels like a professional, in a matter of minutes. The elegantly simple user interface leads to a huge productivity gain and shorter learning curve in the use of the software.

Low Ownership Cost (Pay-as-you-use)

Many label software applications today come with a high upfront cost with a steep learning curve, resulting in high total cost of ownership (TCO). Barcode & Label offers a full version of the app with limited barcodes: Code 39, Industrial 2 of 5, and POSTNET barcodes, for Free in Microsoft Store. The free app, the easy-to-use modern and elegantly designed user interface coupled with a subscription model (USD 6.99), results in a significant reduction of the TCO. A user can also choose to subscribe and only pay when its time to print labels (“pay when you print”).

Strict Adherence to Specifications

Barcode & Label uses a proven fonts-based barcode system field-tested in the industry over the last 15 years for printing barcodes that adhere to the strictest auto-id specifications. The system is highly regarded by many Fortune 500 companies for printing barcodes in retail packages, logistic labels, pharmaceutical labels, and manufacturing labels. The barcode fonts are widely deployed for many years across heterogeneous environments running Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services, PowerBuilder applications, .NET, Web, and Excel Spreadsheets. The proven and highly regarded barcode fonts-based system has helped many organizations clear their institutional audits and independent barcode verification tests such as those by ISO, AIM, and GS1.

Barcode supported

• Codabar - AIM-BC3-2000
• Code39 - ISO/IEC 16388
• Code39 Ascii - ISO/IEC 16388
• Code93 - AIM-BC5-2000
• Code128 (Auto/A/B/C) - ISO/IEC 15417:2007
• UCCEAN (GS1 128) - GS1 Standard
• I2of5 (Interleaved 2 of 5) - ISO/IEC 16390
• Industrial 2 of 5
• ITF14
• Modified Plessy
• EAN 13 (European Article Numbering 13) - ISO/IEC 15420
• EAN 8 - ISO/IEC 15420
• UPCA (Universal Product Code A) - ISO/IEC 15420
• UPCE - ISO/IEC 15420
• GS1 Databar 14 - ISO/IEC 24724:2006
• QR Code - ISO/IEC 18004:2015
• PDF417 - ISO/IEC 15438:2015


• MICR E13B - ISO 1004
• MICR CMC7 - ISO 1004
• Touch, Modern UI, Modern OS Integration
• Labels, Label Rolls, Envelopes, Cards, and Tags
• Label Roll Printers
• Native ZPL (Zebra Printer Language) support for Zebra Label Printers
• Data extraction from Excel, CSV, and People app
• Serialized Running Counter


• Windows 11


Barcode & Label Software

Pay-as-you-go Capabilities


ConnectCode Barcode Software and Fonts Engine

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